Humankind Wake-Up

A beautiful Song written by Jon Binnie & Michelle Mthree (That is me!:))

Humankind Wake-Up

Wake Up! Wake Up!

Your Missing it!

Wake up! Wake Up!

It is this moment now.

Do you see the beauty in front of you?

Have you forgotten what it is to feel?

Well Wake Up! Wake Up!

Open Up

Be your Brilliant Light!

We have a mission Here!

This moment is showing up

Grasp it, Nuture it, Own it!

Wake Up! Wake Up!

Your missing it. It is this moment Now!

We are here, we are the ones.

We have all the answers inside.

Our heart is the way! Oh the only way!

Our Soul awakens there!

Wake Up! Wake Up, oh brilliant light.

Wake Up!


Expression of the Wind

The wind expresses its
spirit with such nakedness.
It speaks with passion,
with Life.
The magic of being one
with your surroundings.
All in its truth
of the moment.
We are change, once we realize
that we are like the seasons,
forever changing.
Go with the wind,
ride the obstacles.
Invite life to enter and
allow change to be what it is.
Like the wind, spread your light
to all that are on your path,
For we all have moments to embrace.
Be with what you have
in your grasp and
know the gifts that are always
present, when honoring
who you are.
Express yourself like the wind.
Create the courage and joy
of what comes on your path.


Nechla’s Journey:

A guidebook to assist your Awakening Journey

inner child bliss


How to connect into the ebb and flow rhythm of this new paradigm?

Bringing you home to your Realm, Frequency and Unique Signature, that

connects with all of who you are. Becoming one with all aspects of self.

This is my quest, my joy. Your highest most divine aspect of self will

connect in with your most highest aspect of your physical self. They

become inter-connected. This is how you can begin living your authentic,

I am Presence, here on Gaia. For our awakening also awakens all aspects

of Mother Earth and visa-versa….We are all one.


I know, I can feel your trepidation to even conceive the whole concept.

Just allow your child-like heart to play and maybe something interesting

may show up for you…. Enjoy the Journey with heart and connection

Next time I will share Nechla’s story with you.

Until then, have a magical and blissful Journey.




~May Sun Expressions & Friends ~

~May 15th-18th, 2015~ 

It is always refreshing when I am asked by my “team” and universal brothers & sisters here and beyond this dimension to go out and take pictures.¬†I am always so beautifully surprised by what shows up!!! This is the first time that a scout ship was captured in flight by just a moment of a click. I had just clicked away and later when I looked at the pictures I took, this is what appeared. I will show 2 of the 3 pictures in consecutive moments on Friday, May 15th, 2015 at 2:14pm(AZ time, look right above the green tree on the right), then a close up of the ship?(What do you see?). Smiles in my heart and so honored to be witness. Now the incredible thing is, this¬†was about an hour before we had major storms that lasted through Saturday. I always can feel my galactic brothers and sisters and they were around in the clouds West of my home yet these pictures were in the East as if the scout ship was circling the perimeter.. I will also show you the clouds in the West at the same time & minutes apart. ¬†The sky changed in a moment.



These Pictures below were shot at same time (according to my Iphone) 2:14pm, May 15th, 2015

This is the West shots. 


These were taken at 2:15pm-2:20pm(still West shots)




Then the storm began 45 minutes later where we were surrounded by clouds with no blue sky showing. 

The Arizona storms are so fascinating, invigorating and fierce all at the same moment!

Saturday May 16th, 2015 at 2:37-2:38pm

after the rain stopped for awhile.


Now Yesterday May 17th, 2015  at 5:28pm-5:30pm was a very expressive few moments. You will see a small almost cluster of bubble opalescent orb/orbs (beautiful energy) in the first few pictures right above the sun, Once I started taking the pictures either others chimed in or she expanded herself and showed us her colors!!! What is your feel? 

IMG_2668 IMG_2669

IMG_2669 - Version 2IMG_2671 IMG_2673 IMG_2674 IMG_2676IMG_2682

Rainbow Rays of Light!

Then this morning the sun shared her joy brightly

&¬†expansively for us…

These taken at 9:41am.

~So much Gratitude for the beauty of Love~In~Action ~

IMG_2687 IMG_2689 IMG_2690 IMG_2692 IMG_2694

The one constant is that the “friends” that show up are consistent and feel like they have been here a long time!!!! So much Joy for all to be seen. As we awaken our heart/brain remembering the overwhelmed feeling¬†of joy is what Bliss is..Embrace this remembering and express yourself as the reflection of the sun is doing for us!!!

Have a blessed moment every moment.

Love, Light, Laughter, Michelle



ABUNDANCE ~ Poem by Jeannie Knott ~

I found this poem the other day while cleaning out old stuff. This was someone I had worked with while in a Coaching Seminar back in 2000. It hit home hugely to share. Enjoy! 



Abundance is something you are

Not something you have

Abundance is what you give

Not what you get

Abundance is a heart attitude

Not a bank account

Abundance is a life style

Not a house style

Abundance is a concept

Not a collection

Abundance is sharing what you love

Not counting your shares

Abundance is knowing everything

is loaned to you

Not thinking how much you own

Abundance doesn’t depend on riches

but on God’s amazing resources

Abundance is sharing God’s wealth

with anyone and everyone you can.

~ Jeannie Knott ~

Thank You Jeannie where ever you are!