Working with the 8th Chakra!

Written: March 3rd, 2014

Been working with the 8th Chakra this week.

I really had an amazing experience yesterday

while meditating and opening the

8th chakra for the collective..

Wowness is all I can say.

Here is what transpired after when given the words

to explain what was being done:


Working on the 8th Chakra…

It is being opened again for all.

It is time to receive this vortex opened now!

It is located above the crown of the

physical head, where your Halo is.

Inside the circle of the Halo is 8th chakra…

The Gold ring of the Halo protects

the vortex (Chakra) from distortion.

It is a very important and viable chakra…

The colors are a combination of Blue, Violet,

Pink, Purple and a hint of Green.

Representing those rays from the realms

of Archangels, Dolphins, ascended masters

and the elemental kingdom,

working together..


This chakra is all about liberation, goddess. 

Entering the sacred realm of pure organic nothingness of the all,

the eye of what is within and

the gateway to the galactic highway of the

“I am presence”.

This is very helpful for those who

feel the unknown & are a bit uncomfortable.

Opening this chakra will release that discomfort.

You will feel the contentment and true organic

pure essence of Love in Action in the most

soothing & lovingly compassionate way!!

Enjoy my love peeps.

You are all a part of this being able to be opened again..

Thank You, Love you soooo


It has been an amazing few days

and I hope all will feel the shift,

since this 8th chakra can now

be able to receive & release.

The dolphin kingdom shared and reminded me

how to use the blow hole to release

from the crown chakra.

Then blow out the 8th chakra like all

the mammals in water do to release breath..

Simply beautiful!


Love, Light, & Laughter,


Inspired Essence