Tsnami of Love

Beautiful song created by Jon Binnie & Lyrics by Me.

So Grateful to our connection. Check out his music:

Tsnami of love is coming 
and showering on us from above.
open yourself, let it go, 
feel the love moving through you. 
Send it off and receive some more. 
Its a tsunami of love, coming from above,
grateful for the assistance, 
grateful for so much joy.
 It is here, what we have been waiting for,
 it is here, take it in slowly and
 integrate this amazing love tsunami.
 It is for us, it is of us, 
it is the moment to finally 
allow it all to show up.

The Hue-man Experience

Come Play with Us.

The Hue-man experience is full of wonder.
I feel the gift of its splender.
All aspects of this life is healing,
hard, yet healing.
My inner soul craves to take the human armor
and conquer the hard edges.
Create the softness that this armor can be.
Tenderness, this armor wants to feel.
Love we all need to have.
The light within wants its rays to explode
through to the outside forever.
The inner child wants to come out and play forever.
Come play with us!!



What’s Next?


I have to giggle a bit here. So much is transpiring as the next word is typed. Everything is showing up in front of us to re-evaluate not to process so much. See it in the light, acknowledge it with open heart and then make a choice if it serves your soul. Once you have made that discernment, move in the direction that brings you that which you seek. Raise the vibration and octaves of color to match your soul desire. What does that mean?  Good question. This amazing, blissful energy comes stronger every time we go into our hearts, connect with our souls and share that with the universe. We are Light, we are Love, we are all one……this is where the giggle gets even more brilliant. Follow those feelings that make you smile and even if it is outside the comfort space of being, make that first step beyond and then take another. Keep in the moment and move through what brings that smile to your heart and another step is taken. It becomes more familiar and the remembering of joy just makes you giggle…..You see FEAR is only what you feed it.  By following your smile of the heart, you are feeding your soul. 

What is Next will show up no matter what, why not heighten and shift a bit and see how that feels. The deeper you connect in, the more you allow your highest most divine aspect of self to join you. When you are Linked into that feeling,(you will know it well and remember with a smile)  every moment is in sync and “what’s next” becomes the joy.


Love, Light, & Laughter always,




Sun Expressions ~ February 12, 2015


It was an amazing day of rainbow light waves today. Here is a compilation of pictures taken between the hours of 3:43pm ~ 3:50pm on February 12th. Many friends from the cosmos wanted to join in. So grateful they asked me to take pictures! Click on the video below for the entire timeframe of the photos. Enjoy! 💜

IMG_2082 IMG_2083

Click below for video!

Sun Expressions ~ February 12, 2015


Sun Expressions ~ 12/11/14 ~

Pictures taken 2:50pm – 2:54pm on December 11, 2014

Love~In~Action speaks very loudly today….

The joy and excitement of the next moment!

Much to celebrate as we arrive into the next Portal coming on 12/12!


Always Love & Light, Michelle

IMG_1667 IMG_1658

IMG_1659 IMG_1663


My little Orb friend is very present!!!


Be all you are and express yourself

like the Light that is within you

so patient to be Brilliant

NOW it is the MOMENT!!!!!

Own your Brilliance!

Love you so..


gold dolphins playing in sunset


Kindness is an Essence of Love~In~Action

pink heart and connection

Kindness is an essence of Love~In~Action.

 It is a must in moving deeper within to become expansive throughout. 

Moving with the wave of Love & Light. Kindness begins within you.

Much to Co-Create and Anchor as we continue on our mission of Love Everywhere Present and Self Mastery!  

Trusting your heart, he/she will always guide you.

No restraints ~ Fly Free! 

Being Balanced, Grounded,
Present in the moment,
Love every crevice of your Being,
& always in your Heart.

These wonderful options will help you go deeper, you will find all that is you there. What has been forgotten is waiting for contact again with the highest aspects of self fully present.
This is what is so incredible and never done before.

The Highest aspects of self are becoming physical…
Moving forward, shifts the energy to what is highest and best for that next moment.

Trusting will allow you to expand the connections you already do have. Nothing ever stops this process unless the options above are not aligned with you.

The signature of the spark of light each of us has is what is surfacing & becoming one with highest self.

Kindness, forgiveness, compassion for self, is the way.  Then you remember what brilliant lights of rainbow bliss you truly are!

Love & Light, Michelle

dolphin in bliss 

~ October Expression ~ 10/9/14 ~

Can anyone tell me what they see?

The sun is in the upper palm tree. This amazing energy  was very present and wanted to be seen. The violet aura was almost shaped like a kiss. The beauty, the joy! So very Grateful to be in the moment of Now!!! The more we go within, the more we see!


Love you all so……💞☀️💞

IMG_1163 IMG_1162 IMG_1158

Magic ~ Rumbling ~ Alignment!

Written August 6th, 2014

More disclosure is here!

The energy is flooding in.  Many feel the rumble within all that is.

I picked the the Earth Magic oracle card VOLCANO for two days straight and then today I picked LIGHTNING…


The rumbling has started to surface and erupt, from physical digestion, to planetary upheaval, Relationships with friends, family & lovers, to cleansing through storms, and floods. Fire to burn away the debris.

While the emotional, mentally & spiritual is finding homeostasis in the heart, the physical is now tapping in for the final wham of snapping all bodies aspects and multi-dimensional signatures to physically align up.

All lit up peeps..🌟

“All engines ready for take off!!!”

Now this is meant to be understood in the new language of 5D energy, so know this is an internal expression of “activations are ready to wake up every atom of love in action in every crevice of your being,” which expands to everything that is and then BLAST OFF!


The Rainbow Butterfly has broken out of the cocoon. Drying her wings in the sun and moving in the moment of now.

Connected to all there is and aligned to the cosmos~Higher Self(third Eye)~heart~integrated through lower chakras~Mother Gaia~back up to heart~Higher Self~ Cosmos. Forever flowing golden crystalline atoms of love in action and illuminating with Joy!

Become  familiar with having all your aspect of self aligned and home again. It is inside of you.  You just have to ask all of your aspects of light to come back home. Like Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz. Just tap into you and you will reconnect with centeredness which brings balance which brings clarity with brings peace! Which is Home!!!!

Magic ~ rumbling~ Alignment…ooh feel the vibrations.

So Grateful~Always.

a Dove

Love, Light & Laughter,



Detachment from Outcomes!

purple landscape with planet and sun

Detachment from Outcomes!!

This is a subject that can take many moments to connect with.

We have no need to hang on to anything. We are all remembering in different ways the connection to all things, be it a thought, deed or written word. What is detachment?

“Letting go” is used so often that the understanding of it has been diluted. When sharing or remembering the moments that show up for you, getting comfortable with not having a need for anything in return is the key!
No response is really ever needed. If you desire to give one, it is all perfect in whatever way it is conveyed.

I do find all expression can be shared with a kindness, honoring and an awareness of those you are connecting with. We have no need for ownership of anything we share. It is in the highest and best good to share from heart and then release with love in action. The energy will know what to do and you can detach from where that energy and how that energy flows. Intention and heart, release in love is all that is needed for the flow to be seamless..

We are all moving so fast and the atoms of love in action are very much in their full flow of intention. So we all have the opportunity to relax in the joy of knowing always another moment is coming! This whole concept is so simple and we have been in this dense energy for so long that it has taken many moments to detach the excess. We can just take off the huge backpack we have traveled with and finally just send it off with love. OOH the joy, the freedom and the relief of so much baggage being dissolved as we move forward. You know that feeling when you have done some spring cleaning in your home. When it is all finally out of your space, a shift in energy is felt. A wave, a movement is experienced within you. This is the same with everything we do, share, and remember. Empty with a sense of peace. Replenishing continually with streams of rainbow love in action.

Wow, now that is blissful!

 dolphin in bliss

Love, Light, & Laughter