The Hue-man Experience

Come Play with Us.

The Hue-man experience is full of wonder.
I feel the gift of its splender.
All aspects of this life is healing,
hard, yet healing.
My inner soul craves to take the human armor
and conquer the hard edges.
Create the softness that this armor can be.
Tenderness, this armor wants to feel.
Love we all need to have.
The light within wants its rays to explode
through to the outside forever.
The inner child wants to come out and play forever.
Come play with us!!


The River of Life

The current flows, changes come and go.

Ease is the word I feel for all that is coming.

Relax and allow it all to unfold in its time.

Don’t push.

Take time to be clear.

No quick fix for me.

A larger picture is planted.

Clear sharp thinking is called for.

Something important is happening.

Be Aware~~~

Things will fall into place when the timing is right.

Forces greater than me are taking place.

Move forward.

New Beginnings~~~~~


Humankind Wake-Up

A beautiful Song written by Jon Binnie & Michelle Mthree (That is me!:))

Humankind Wake-Up

Wake Up! Wake Up!

Your Missing it!

Wake up! Wake Up!

It is this moment now.

Do you see the beauty in front of you?

Have you forgotten what it is to feel?

Well Wake Up! Wake Up!

Open Up

Be your Brilliant Light!

We have a mission Here!

This moment is showing up

Grasp it, Nuture it, Own it!

Wake Up! Wake Up!

Your missing it. It is this moment Now!

We are here, we are the ones.

We have all the answers inside.

Our heart is the way! Oh the only way!

Our Soul awakens there!

Wake Up! Wake Up, oh brilliant light.

Wake Up!