Nechla’s Journey:

A guidebook to assist your Awakening Journey

inner child bliss


How to connect into the ebb and flow rhythm of this new paradigm?

Bringing you home to your Realm, Frequency and Unique Signature, that

connects with all of who you are. Becoming one with all aspects of self.

This is my quest, my joy. Your highest most divine aspect of self will

connect in with your most highest aspect of your physical self. They

become inter-connected. This is how you can begin living your authentic,

I am Presence, here on Gaia. For our awakening also awakens all aspects

of Mother Earth and visa-versa….We are all one.


I know, I can feel your trepidation to even conceive the whole concept.

Just allow your child-like heart to play and maybe something interesting

may show up for you…. Enjoy the Journey with heart and connection

Next time I will share Nechla’s story with you.

Until then, have a magical and blissful Journey.



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