What’s Next?


I have to giggle a bit here. So much is transpiring as the next word is typed. Everything is showing up in front of us to re-evaluate not to process so much. See it in the light, acknowledge it with open heart and then make a choice if it serves your soul. Once you have made that discernment, move in the direction that brings you that which you seek. Raise the vibration and octaves of color to match your soul desire. What does that mean?  Good question. This amazing, blissful energy comes stronger every time we go into our hearts, connect with our souls and share that with the universe. We are Light, we are Love, we are all one……this is where the giggle gets even more brilliant. Follow those feelings that make you smile and even if it is outside the comfort space of being, make that first step beyond and then take another. Keep in the moment and move through what brings that smile to your heart and another step is taken. It becomes more familiar and the remembering of joy just makes you giggle…..You see FEAR is only what you feed it.  By following your smile of the heart, you are feeding your soul. 

What is Next will show up no matter what, why not heighten and shift a bit and see how that feels. The deeper you connect in, the more you allow your highest most divine aspect of self to join you. When you are Linked into that feeling,(you will know it well and remember with a smile)  every moment is in sync and “what’s next” becomes the joy.


Love, Light, & Laughter always,