The perfection of life through the Eyes & Architecture of Nature.

The perfection of life through the eyes & architecture of Nature.

It is a spiritual journey through which nature and Love~In~Action show itself with such Authenticity, raw beauty, and Truth to the most highest vibration.

This is an example of what we were honored to witness from May 29th~June 1st ~ 2014


Do you see our little guy sitting back on the cloud just pondering and watching! He is even wearing a hat.


How we so easily walk casually by with no awareness of its joy, contentment, moments so precious and so true to the core of its being. Do we take the moment to connect and feel this most precious energy? Well that is where I felt it was time to capture their essence and let them speak through their creative and most magnificent atoms of Love~In~Action.


It is like looking at yourself from the inside out and as the sun lights up the canyon, it is watching, exposing. The canyon expresses and shows all of itself in all angles, shadows and all of who it is with grace, silence with such contentment. It became so crystal clear that I was looking into my own inner being and observing the peace of oneself as we sit silently and just be. So quiet and awe-inspiring..
It is like turning ourself inside out and this is the natural wonder we see in the Grand Canyon.


I saw every crevice, groove and expression from all different moments of the day and watched it come alive in all different places and sing its silent knowing upon all who choose to go deep..One man spoke it beautifully when he said” I have been here many times and each time I see this, it effects me deeper.” Wow just hearing those words rang so true in such a huge way! No pun intended…LOL

I could sit there and see something different every moment, depending on the weather, the sun, the clouds, it is all expressed in the moment through the light that shines and shows all its depth and beauty through its expression of shadows. The architecture design of Love in action at the highest place and its deepest knowing.
The Grand Canyon is where this expression began for me: 

Here is a sample of what we experienced. Pay attention to the clouds..So many ships were present. Our Rock family and Gatekeepers were gracious hosts. It was a spectacular gathering of so many of our Galactic family and kingdoms, Orbs were showing up in the pictures, so honored they allowed us to captured their essence so beautifully.
The Elk and The Raven were physically present. I was very taken and so honored by two Ravens who (besides liking what we were eating), they shared how they are the Guardians of the Canyon and shared our awe of what we were so privileged to be a part of witnessing. They just sat right next to us on the edge of the cliff. The Elk reminded us of taking our time and moving steady and slow, with focus and determination.
Enjoy the video! (click above)

If you look close, there is a pink outline around the top of  the cloud, this is real not a touch up! Pink outline on cloud!


Love, Light & Laughter,
Michelle & Tom